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The biography of Mats Kardell, professional bodybuilder

My name is Katarina Johnson and I’m a journalist.

A few years ago I interviewed Mats Kardell. After that Mats Kardell asked if I wanted to write his biography. I said yes and now his fascinating life story comes to life in form of a book.

We started this page because we wanted to give you, as a reader, the possibility to follow the progress, the news, the success and setbacks of Mats book.

We have chosen to call the book Mats Kardell – Muscles, Medals and Abuse. About a professional and international bodybuilders rise and fall, and the road back to life.

Muscles, Medals and Abuse is a story about Mats Kardell, Sweden’s first bodybuilding professional and most accomplished bodybuilder of all time. In 1988 he crowned his career with a silver medal in the World Cup, having previously won four national championships.

Mats Kardell talks about life as an elite athlete; of hard training, extreme diets and the use of steroids, but also about life after his career, when he fell into a severe addiction, which led to homelessness, imprisonment and loss of contact with his children.

Muscles, Medals and Abuse is also a story about the social heritage of society’s inability to deal with children with ADHD in the sixties and seventies.

Mats Kardell, born in 1959 lives in his childhood town of Mjölby, Sweden where he works at a gym.

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